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Metropolitan's Message

amfilochios kisamou“We replaced wisdom with knowledge and now we have replaced knowledge with information”, writes Thomas Eliot in “Waste Land”. Could we possibly make the Internet an important pastoral tool in the hands of the Church? Could the millions of people who daily surf the cyberworld palpate hope and discover the wonders of God and people via the Internet?" Believing that the Church's mission is to offer this world the opening of Heaven and to give man the prospect of salvation, which is Christ Himself, the question arises...  



Great music night of Social Solidarity 11/2/2015

tsaligopoulouOur Holy Metropolis, Annousakeio Foundation and the Voluntary Association "Friends of Annousakeio Foundation" invite you to the great musical evening of Social Solidarity with Helen Tsaligopoulou, on Wednesday, February 11 at 8.00 pm, at the venue Eftichia Palace. Admission 18 €, including: full menu (traditional pilafi, roast, drink, salad, fruit). All proceeds will go towards the actions of Annousakeio Foundation for vulnerable social groups. We are expecting you all with great joy and honor!


Pilgrimage trip to Southern Crete 31/1 - 1/2/2015

The bookstore of our Holy Metropolis "Esperia," upon request from the local people organizes, a two-day pilgrimage tour (January 31st & February 1st) in Southern Crete. Rethymnon, River Dam, Amari Park, Holy Monastery of Panagia Kalyviani, Agia Galini, Heraklion, Anogia, Zoniana. Information-Registration: Bookstore of our Holy Metropolis, Mr. Manolis Botonakis, 2822022128-2822022018 (line 5)

22agia-galinianogiaagalmakreta panagia kaliviani


Event for the Three Hierarchs 2015

prosklisis moni
Click on the image for the invitation (Only in Greek).


Κοινωνική Προσφορά Αννουσάκειου Ιδρύματος έτους 2014

annusakio banner 14
Με σύνθημα ισοτιμία στην εξασφάλιση ανθρωπίνων συνθηκών διαβίωσης σε κάθε γωνιά της Μητροπολιτικής μας περιφέρειας, ώστε κανείς να μην στερείται το καθημερινό φαγητό και την ιατρική φροντίδα, η Ι. Μητρόπολη μας μέσω των υποστηρικτικών κοινωνικών υπηρεσιών του Αννουσάκειου Ιδρύματος Της συνέχισε και κατά την διάρκεια του 2014 την λειτουργία του Κοινωνικού Παντοπωλείου και Ιατρείου του.

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New offer of love by the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi to our Metropolis 17/1/2015

img 1242aAnnousakeio Foundation-Infirmary of the Holy Metropolis of Kisamos and Selinon received another great offer of love and respect from the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. More specifically, the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi offered to our Metropolis, in order to meet the increasing needs of our fellow citizens who struggle with poverty, a large quantity of potatoes, dairy products, meat, legumes, frozen vegetables and other goods, which will all be distributed through the social services of Annousakeio Foundation of our Holy Metropolis.

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Cutting of New Year's Cake of the Kissamos Department of Helenic Red Cross 2015

"Volunteering means Light..." With these words, His Eminence Our Metropolitan Mr. Amphilochios greeted and welcomed everyone attending the event, being the President of the Kisamos Department of the Hellenic Red Cross.

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"In the Colours of Life" Municipal Regional Theatre of Crete


Love meals for the cleaning staff by our Holy Metropolis 9/1/2015

Our Holy Metropolis, recognising the substantial offer of the cleaning staff who work in the Municipalities of our Metropolitan Region, invited them to a love meal, which took place in the Municipality of Kisamos. The Mayor of Kisamos Mr. Theodore Stathakis and Vice Mayors were present.

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Training School for Social Volunteers

ethelontismos 1ethelontismos 22


Available only in Greek.


Announcement 5/8/2014

naos osiouFrom the Fundraising Committee for the erection of the Holy Temple of Saint Nikephoros the Leper it is announced that at the request of believers who wish to offer their love for the erection of the first church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper, a special bank account has been created under the name: “Holy Church of St. Constantine of Syrikari,” Fundraising Committee, Account Number: 390/296090-78, National Bank of Greece, in order to collect money for the construction of the church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper in Syrikari Kissamos, natal land of St. Nikephoros. Those wishing to make a donation are requested to use the account, with full details, in order to take a valid receipt. For further information contact: Tel. 28220-22107, mob. 6974843591 Fr Emmanuel Bargiotakis. The Fundraising Committee consists of people such as the Mayor of Kisamos, the Archieratical Superintendent of the region, relatives of the Saint, etc.

By the Fundraising Committee