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Metropolitan's Message

amfilochios kisamou“We replaced wisdom with knowledge and now we have replaced knowledge with information”, writes Thomas Eliot in “Waste Land”. Could we possibly make the Internet an important pastoral tool in the hands of the Church? Could the millions of people who daily surf the cyberworld palpate hope and discover the wonders of God and people via the Internet?" Believing that the Church's mission is to offer this world the opening of Heaven and to give man the prospect of salvation, which is Christ Himself, the question arises...  



Speech on Volunteering

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Feast of the Holy Four Neo-martyrs 2014

Invited by His Eminence Metropolitan of Rethymnon and Avlopotamos Mr. Eugene, our Bishop attended, on the evening of October 28, the Procession of the Holy Heads of the Four Neo-martyrs (Angelis, Manuel, Georgios and Nicholas) from Rethymnon, the memory of whom is celebrated on 28th October. The Holy Procession was also attended by His Eminence Metropolitan of Cydonia & Apokoronas Mr. Damascene and Their Eminence Metropolitans of: Theoupolis Mr. Panteleimon and Epidavros Mr. Kallinicus.

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National Holiday 28/10/2014

The day of October 28, when the Greeks throughout the world celebrate the freedom of our country, was celebrated in our Metropolis with all due splendor. Divine Liturgies, Doxology, Memorial Services and a big Parade, took place throughout our Holy Metropolis. Our Bishop presided over the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Metropolitan Church of the Annunciation, where he also chanted a Doxology. These were followed by a relevant speech by the Principal of 1st Junior High School of Kisamos Mrs. Antonia Mazokopaki, who referred to the historical events of that time and the timeliness of this celebration. Our Bishop celebrated a Memorial Service at the memorial of the Fallen of our town and then he attended the parade, despite the rainy weather.

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Feast of Saint Martyr Nestor 2014

Invited by His Eminence Metropolitan of Lagadas, Lete and Redina Mr. John, our Bishop participated in the feast of the Holy Martyr Nestor (October 27), patron of the city of Lagadas, as well as in the celebrations for the liberation of the city, which is commemorated on the same day. In the Divine Liturgy, which was presided over by our Bishop, also participated bishops of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, as well as Bishops of the Church of Greece, invited by His Eminence Mr. John.

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Feast of Saint Demetrios 2014

banner agios-dimitrios 14Invited by His Holiness Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Mr. Anthimos, our Metropolitan participated in the celebrations of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios the Myrrh-flowing, Patron of the city of Thessaloniki. In the morning of the eve of the feast, Saturday October 25, he took part in the litany of the shrine of St. Demetrios. In the evening, he co-officiated at the festal Vespers, which was presided over by His Eminence Metropolitan of Vyron, Kaisariani and Ymmitos Mr. Daniel. On the festal day, he took part in the Divine Liturgy, which was presided over by His Holiness Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Mr. Anthimos, as well as in the Doxology that followed, for the liberation of the city of Thessaloniki. Finally, in the evening, he officiated at the Panegyric Vespers, where he also made a brief speech.

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Announcement 15/10/2014

downloadTsatsaronakeio Cultural Multicenter of our Metropolis announces that following a volunteer offer by I.T. teachers, Computer Learning courses for adults (beginners and advanced) will take place for the third consecutive year, in the fully equipped I.T. Laboratory of Tsatsaronakeio Multicenter. It should be noted that we offer the possibility of certified degrees, after the prescribed examinations.

Registration-Information: Mr. Xanthudakis Aristotelis
Tel.: 28220-24184 (afternoon hours)
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


School of Iconography Startup 2014

agiografia 14
Tsatsaronakeio Multicentre of our Metropolis announces that the School of Iconography, which is housed in a specially designed Iconography Workshop in the premises of Tsatsaronakeio Multicenter, continues its operation for the third consecutive year, under the care of the experienced and acclaimed iconographer Mrs. Konstantina Stefanaki, an associate of the Orthodox Academy of Crete. The School was enriched with a new class (beginners) and courses will begin in November. Information-Registration at the Secretariat of Tsatsaronakeio. Tel. 28220-24184, Mr. Arist. Xanthoudakis (afternoon), e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Announcement 5/8/2014

naos osiouFrom the Fundraising Committee for the erection of the Holy Temple of Saint Nikephoros the Leper it is announced that at the request of believers who wish to offer their love for the erection of the first church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper, a special bank account has been created under the name: “Holy Church of St. Constantine of Syrikari,” Fundraising Committee, Account Number: 390/296090-78, National Bank of Greece, in order to collect money for the construction of the church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper in Syrikari Kissamos, natal land of St. Nikephoros. Those wishing to make a donation are requested to use the account, with full details, in order to take a valid receipt. For further information contact: Tel. 28220-22107, mob. 6974843591 Fr Emmanuel Bargiotakis. The Fundraising Committee consists of people such as the Mayor of Kisamos, the Archieratical Superintendent of the region, relatives of the Saint, etc.

By the Fundraising Committee


Social Solidarity Actions by Annousakeio Foundation 2013

Our Metropolis, in the context of Social Solidarity, offers organised soup kitchens for people who are in need (unemployed, impoverished, economic immigrants, homeless, elderly, etc), as well as packages of food, clothing, medicine and free medical examination, in an effort to help cover the growing needs of our destitute brothers.

More specifically, the offer includes:

  • 67,525 servings of food: 105 servings for inmates of the Foundation and other attendants and 80 portions for people of the surrounding area, thus providing 185 servings total (X 365imeron) on a daily basis,
  • 929 bags with different types of foods: pasta, beans, milk, chicken, etc., an average 13 kg each, total: 12.077 kg, and 300 packets with sweets. This offer is categorized in the following way:
    • 840 bags of food for 130 people registered at the Social Grocery,
    • 59 bags of food and 180 boxes of sweets for those registered at the Aid-at-Home Program of Kisamos
    • 30 bags of food and 120 boxes of sweets for those registered at the Aid-at-Home Program of Selinon
  • For 95 families, medicine and medical supplies
  • For 193 families, clothing items.
  • For 35 families, blankets and various bed covers.
  • Free examination of the community, in particular 156 people, through volunteer work by 13 doctors of different specialties.

Specifically, for the year 2013 Annousakeio Foundation wishes to thank the following physicians: Schiniotaki Irene - ENT, Bouzakis Elias - Gastroenterologist, Tsourounakis Nektarios – Pediatrician, Sillas Dimitris - Physiatrist, Bonatakis Michael - Cardiologist, Voulgaraki Olga – Pulmonary, Paterakis Pantelis - Urologist - Andrologist, Tsouris George - Radiologist, Marakomichelakis John - ENT, Psarakis Eftychios - Surgeon, Moustardas Marios - Vascular, Athanasakis Dimitrios - Dentist, Costas Frangos - Radiologist.


Information - Applications for recording incidents and
document submission provided by the Social Services
of the Foundation.

Contact Tel: 2822022276 Fr. Antonios Aretakis