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Metropolitan's Message

amfilochios kisamou“We replaced wisdom with knowledge and now we have replaced knowledge with information”, writes Thomas Eliot in “Waste Land”. Could we possibly make the Internet an important pastoral tool in the hands of the Church? Could the millions of people who daily surf the cyberworld palpate hope and discover the wonders of God and people via the Internet?" Believing that the Church's mission is to offer this world the opening of Heaven and to give man the prospect of salvation, which is Christ Himself, the question arises...  



Multi-day Pilgrimage announcement

ekdromi 2015 20 5

Our Diocese, in collaboration with the travel agency Himalaya Travel, organizes, from 6-14 July, a 9-day pilgrimage to: Halkida, Evoia, St. John Russian, Saint David, Aedipsos, Lamia, Agathon Monastery, Karditsa, Trikala, Gate, lake Plastiras, Elati, Volos, Tour of Pelion, Portaria, Hania, Milies, Kamena Vourla, Meteora, Delphi (Tour), Saint Loukas, Sagmata Monastery, etc.

Information - Registration: Tel: 28220-22128,22018 (line 5) Mr. Emmanuel Botonakis. (Working Hours). Limited vacancies.


Event for the Fall of Constantinople 2015

prosklisis moni
Click on the image for the invitation (Only in Greek).


«Η ουρά για τα λείψανα και η πίστη»

agia varvara 15
«Λοιπόν, θέλεις δεν θέλεις σε ξαναβάζουν, με όσα ακούς και διαβάζεις, στο «τριπάκι» γύρω από το λείψανο της αγίας Βαρβάρας. Βέβαια, όποιος δεν πέρασε από την «ουρά» για να προσκυνήσει, δεν μπορεί να αντιληφθεί τη δύναμη που έχει το εφτασφράγιστο κουτί. Κι εκείνο που μας εντυπωσίασε περισσότερο ήταν η παρουσία μεγάλου αριθμού νέων ανθρώπων, ανδρών κυρίως. Δεν έβλεπες, όπως συμβαίνει -δυστυχώς- σε πολλές εκκλησιές τα κυριακάτικα πρωινά, σχεδόν μόνο λευκά κεφάλια.

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Curse instead of a blessing (Only In Greek)

Πολλοί καταριούνται με μεγάλη ευκολία ακόμα και τα ίδια τους τα παιδιά. Κατάρα είναι και το «ανάθεμά σε», «αναθεματισμένε» ή να στέλνεις και κάποιον στο διάβολο. «Τί, λοιπόν, είναι αυ­τό το ανάθεμα που λες; Δε σημαίνει αυτός να πάει στο διάβολο, να χάσει τη δυ­νατότητα σωτηρίας και να αποξενωθεί από το Χριστό; Και ποιός είσαι εσύ; Αυ­τό είναι το έργο της εξουσίας και της με­γάλης δυνάμεως του Θεού… Γιατί, λοιπόν, ανέλαβες εσύ ένα τέτοιο έργο;» (Ι. Χρυσόστομος).

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"Messages of Responsibility and Awakening"

Our Holy Metropolis, upon completion of 2 years from the dormition of blessed elder Bihop Irineos, "as a minimum token of gratitude, respect and honour" is re-publishing one of his most important works, "Messages of Responsibility and Awakening." The book is available free of charge at the bookstore of our Holy Metropolis.


Social Contribution of Annousakeio Foundation 2014

annusakio banner 14
With our slogan being “Parity in ensuring human living conditions in every corner of our Metropolitan region, so that no one lacks daily food and medical care,” our Holy Metropolis, through the Support Services of Annousakeio Foundation, continued during 2014 as well, the operation of its Social Grocery and Clinic.

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Announcement 5/8/2014

naos osiouFrom the Fundraising Committee for the erection of the Holy Temple of Saint Nikephoros the Leper it is announced that at the request of believers who wish to offer their love for the erection of the first church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper, a special bank account has been created under the name: “Holy Church of St. Constantine of Syrikari,” Fundraising Committee, Account Number: 390/296090-78, National Bank of Greece, in order to collect money for the construction of the church dedicated to St. Nikephoros the Leper in Syrikari Kissamos, natal land of St. Nikephoros. Those wishing to make a donation are requested to use the account, with full details, in order to take a valid receipt. For further information contact: Tel. 28220-22107, mob. 6974843591 Fr Emmanuel Bargiotakis. The Fundraising Committee consists of people such as the Mayor of Kisamos, the Archieratical Superintendent of the region, relatives of the Saint, etc.

By the Fundraising Committee